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Our Believes

About Yoga Fettle Journey

Founded a decade ago by Yogi Anit, Yoga Fettle Journey Worldwide is a beacon of transformation in the realm of yoga education.
Yogi Anit, with 18 years of practicing, learning, and teaching yoga, is driven by a passion for helping individuals achieve their highest potential in body, energy, mind, heart wisdom, and soul.

We As A Team Support Our Clients To Bring Lifestyle Changes Which include correcting Postures While Doing Asanas, Nutritional Diet Tips, Opting For Healthy Habits, and Cleansing Of Mind Body Soul And Meditation. Our Body Is The Vessel Which Carries Our Soul In This Lifetime And This Vessel Needs To Be Clean And Healthy In Order To Fulfil Our Life Purpose As Human Beings.

We Spend Most Of Our Time With Our Body. Our Body Deserves This Transformation. And We Help to Take You Into The Present Tate, Only Place Where Life Exist.

We believe in delivering the correct knowledge imparted by ancient Rishis, without any alterations or edits, ensuring authenticity.
Our courses are designed not just to teach yoga but to deeply impact and transform lives, answering life’s questions and guiding individuals on a spiritual path.

Our Expertise

200, 300, 500 Hours Course

Embark on a life-changing journey with our Yoga Teacher Training Course, promising a profound understanding of yoga for personal growth. For career enthusiasts, we guarantee 100% job placement, ensuring not only comprehensive education but also promising opportunities in the yoga domain. Join us for a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional learning, providing a deep dive into the essence of yoga and fostering personal development.

Multiple Types of Yoga Style

Our yoga studio offers a professional and community-oriented space with diverse classes, expert guidance, and structured sessions. We stand out by providing various yoga styles, including aerial, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, and more. With 12 years of experience, our instructors customize classes based on individual needs, ensuring a unique and fulfilling yoga journey. Join us for a personalized and enriching yoga experience.

Multiple Types of Yoga Style

Yoga at home provides personalized convenience, flexible scheduling, and individual attention. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of various health issues, enabling them to customize practices based on specific requirements, body types, and preferred styles. With reduced commute stress and increased family involvement, home-based yoga offers a private, introspective, and holistic wellness experience. Accessible learning resources and adaptability to individual paces further enhance the overall journey.

Our Inspirations

Our Spiritual Guru

Maharishi Patanjali


Adi shankaracharya

Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati

Swami Pranavananda


Some Training Memories


I have completed my RYT 200-hour yoga teacher training from the yoga fettle journey and I feel blessed to have completed my course along with the internship from here and how it changed my life after it Today I am a successful yoga teacher… I loved the way they guided and their teaching methods are incredible. Happy to be a part of this
Violina Das
Yoga Fettle Journey Student
Fantastic classes! Aerial as well as different forms of yoga 🧘‍♀️ A great class with Anit Sir. They are very attentive and have patience. Not only on the floor, they are also great Yoga teachers in the air The teachers are outstanding and give you personalized attention and push you to the hilt for the best results.. absolutely love my journey here.
Limalemla Longkumer
Yoga Fettle Journey Student
A great place for Yoga Teacher Training, a very attentive and friendly coach also you feel secure while learning. Yoga teachers Anit Sir and Neetu Mam are very intelligent and efficient and they are very brilliant and help in yoga exercises in very good in practice I got a lot of pleasure from classes🙏❤️Thanks a lot..
Kajal Shah
Yoga Fettle Journey Student
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